The best and worst of Twitter’s desktop redesign

Change isn’t always easy or appreciated, especially when it comes to the layout of your favourite social network. You’ve got things how you like it, you know where everything is and then they go and move everything around! It can be frustrating, especially for those that work in the social media world who have to…

Viral videos, memes and more: How to engage in the internet as a charity

One of the best ways for charities to increase their engagement (and therefore increase people visiting their site) is to engage with what’s popular online. That could be a viral challenge, a meme or just a topic everyone is talking about. During these moments online, some of the best responses come from charities and it…

5 ways your small business can join the conversation online

Sometimes it’s easy to forget the ‘social’ side to social media. Many businesses and organisations just use social media to broadcast information and nothing else. To really get the benefits of social media, creating conversation and joining the conversation is a really big part of a successful strategy. If you’re not sure where to start,…

What companies can learn from Twitter about staff morale

Staff morale is incredibly important in any company. If staff enjoy their jobs then they’re going to be more productive, more creative and there will be less chance of them leaving. High turnover can be costly. So how can you create a great working environment for your staff? I suggest looking to Twitter for inspiration….

My 8 simple rules for using Twitter

I recently celebrated being on Twitter for a decade. Having had a Twitter account for over 10 years, I like to think I’ve learnt a thing or two about using the site. I’ve witnessed the best and worst sides of Twitter as well as nearly every meme, viral video and story thread that has filled our feeds. So to mark my time on the site, I have compiled a few helpful rules for using Twitter that I try to stick to. Hopefully, you’ll find them useful too. 

What I’ve learned working in social media

I’ve been working in social media in some form or another for over seven years now with some fantastic campaigns and projects under my belt. I thought it was about time I shared just a few of the things I’ve learnt whilst working in the digital world.

5 Changes Twitter Needs

Whenever people start talking about what changes Twitter needs, there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to come up: an edit button. People are desperate for something to fix those annoying typos. And while it’s something that I’d like to see down the line there are a few other features or improvements that I think are desperately needed on the platform. Take a look at five of the areas I’d like to see some improvements: