5 TV shows that should be revived

When a show ends, it can cause an uproar with the fans. Their strong belief that there’s more story to tell, unfortunately, isn’t always enough to revive it, though that hasn’t stopped fans trying over the years.

The closest many fans have got to their show returning to TV is a reboot. I have already selected the 5 TV shows that I thought deserved to be rebooted.  The five shows had great plots and interesting characters but would be better if they started from scratch with new actors and a fresh new perspective.

A revival should see the story almost continuing from where it left off as well as see the same cast returning to their characters.¬†Many shows end before their time, it’s the unfortunate nature of TV, but that doesn’t stop me from wishing these five shows got another chance to shine and deserve the opportunity to tell more story.

Let me know in the comments if you agree with my selection. What shows do you want to see revived?

The Finder (2012)
It’s strange to think that The Finder was a spin-off from Bones. Whilst Bones was about science and evidence, The Finder is about something a lot more mystical and unexplainable.¬† Walter Sherman¬†(Geoff Stults) suffers¬†a head injury whilst serving in the military which results in him being able to find pretty much anything, employing¬†some bizarre methods to do it. In fact, he has an uncontrollable obsession with finding which gets him into trouble on a number of occasions. With quirky characters and a procedural structure that doesn’t fit the mould of other procedurals, it certainly needs to be given a second chance. Sadly, main cast member¬†Michael Clarke Duncan¬†died only a few months after the show was cancelled so could never be revived exactly as it was, but it would be great to see this show back on the air.

The West Wing (1999-2006)
If you haven’t figured it out yet, The West Wing is my absolute favourite TV show, and whilst I think the show ended at the right place and at the right time, It feels like there is a real need for a positive, idealistic show about politics right now. Many of the cast have expressed an interest in returning and Aaron Sorkin, creator and writer of the first four seasons has said on a number of occasions that he would be interested in returning to the characters in some way. Out of the five shows I have picked, this one has the most chance of actually happening so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Leverage (2008-2012)
If you missed Leverage when it was on TV, don’t worry, it never made it to a British channel so I can forgive you this once (though the first three seasons are currently on Amazon Prime if you want to start catching up).¬† If you liked BBC’s Hustle, you’ll enjoy this show about a team of con artists targeting some unscrupulous characters and taking them for all they are worth. Every episode has the smart unexpected twists of Hustle with likeable lead characters and a great mix of drama, action and humour. The show had a five-season run and finished on a high, but I would love to see what the characters have been up to since we left them and there are definitely¬†more villains that need conning.

Sense8 (2015-2018)
If you haven’t watched Sense8 on Netflix, you’re really missing out on a unique experience. The premise of eight people from around the world psychically linked and hunted down because of the abilities was created by Lana and Lilly Wachowski (of The Matrix fame). The series has a thrilling and epic story like nothing else on TV. There are conversations and life, science, religion, family, love and friendship alongside some kick-ass action scenes. It also has one of the most diverse casts on TV. Whilst the first season was slow to introduce the characters and the overarching story, the second season and two-hour finale episode were an emotional roller coaster¬†that showed just how good the Wachowski’s are at what they do. The finale had a satisfying end which is rare these days, however, it still feels like there’s more story to tell. There are plenty of passionate Sense8 fans begging for more too.

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (2016-2017)
I don’t think I’ve ever watched a show like Dirk Gently before (and just so we’re clear, I’m talking about the BBC America/Netflix show here, starring Elijah Wood and Samuel Barnett). You spend the first half of the season completely confused, collecting more questions than answers. But as the questions start being answered, you realise just how clever and connected it all is. The second season is just as strange and wonderful. The characters are complicated and like nothing else on TV (My favourite being the Rowdy 3, a group of four psychological energy vampires with a penchant for breaking things and causing havoc wherever they go). The show ended after just two short seasons which devastated¬†its loyal fanbase. With the potential to go absolutely anywhere story-wise, It would be great to see the show revived for another season or two (or three).

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