30+ Twitter accounts to follow to break up the doomscrolling

Doomscrolling: the act of scrolling through the endless bad news that fills our social media feeds. It’s a bad habit that many of us have. It would be easy enough to say just stop doing it, but with everything happening in the world right now, it’s impossible to completely avoid doomscrolling. Instead, we can fill our feeds with some more positive and humourous accounts to break up the bad news we take in.

It’s important for our mental health that we spend more time joyscrolling and less time doomscrolling. To help, here’s a selection of over 30 Twitter accounts for you to follow that should make your feed a nicer place to be.

Film and TV

Dancer on Film: Great classic clips of dance scenes from the movies

BBC Archive – Photos and videos from BBC’s extensive archive of tv shows.

One Perfect Shot – If you’re interested in film and cinematography, you’ll enjoy One Perfect Shot. The account shares the most beautiful screenshots from the movies.

Lost in Film – This is another great account which celebrates amazing cinematography in films with curated screenshot selections.

Film Easter Eggs – Interesting facts, clever moments and behind the scenes knowledge from films.

Amazon Movie reviews – The strange and funny reviews that people have left for films on Amazon.

Top Clips  – Great moments from films, trailers and behind the scenes clips

Classic Kids TV – Reminisce about the best (and sometimes strangest) children’s TV shows that were on the air when you were younger. The account posts images and videos from the 50s up to the 90s.

UK Ads – Follow for your favourite and forgotten ads. They post UK TV adverts from the 60’s to 00s.

Knowledge and Nature

Haggard Hawkes – Interesting words and phrases from history that’ll make you realised there’s a word for everything.

Monterey Bay Aquarium – Relaxing videos, humourous memes and interesting marine facts.

The MERL – I’ve written about the Museum of English Rural Life before and their great use of Twitter threads. Follow for interesting pictures and amusing moments.

Atlas Obscura – Explore the world through interesting and unusual places you might not have ever heard of.

National Trust – Follow the National Trust’s flagship account for gorgeous photos and interesting facts from history.

V and A  – Learn about art and design from one of London’s biggest museums through images, photography and fascinating stories.

How Things Work – For those that are curious about how the world works. This account posts fascinating videos about science, engineering, technology and more.


Victoria QOTD – The best quotes from Victoria Wood’s comedy shows. It’ll make you want to rewatch Dinnerladies for the 11th time.

Endless Jeopardy – Every hour a Jeopardy clue is posted. The most liked response within 15 minutes is the winner. Join in or enjoy the results.

Orkney Library – The Library in Orkney has been sharing humorous photos, stories and more for quite a while now and has amassed a loyal following in the process.

Faces in Things – Funny photos of objects, buildings and more that look like faces.

Bad Realty Photos – The funniest, weirdest, creepiest and most unique photos from estate agents.

Nonstandard McDonald’s – Not all 38,000 McDonald’s worldwide look the same. Here’s the evidence!

XKCD Comic – XKCD is known for funny comics that always hit the nail on the head.

We Want Plates – The manager of this account is on a crusade for proper plates in restaurants by showing some of the ridiculous ways food is dished up.

Am I the Asshole – Some of the funniest or strangest AITA? questions posted to Reddit and then shared to Twitter. Sometimes the replies are funnier than the original post.

Fake Showbiz News – This parody news account posts hilarious and bizarre celeb stories that you’ll kind of wish were real.

Art and Photography

Royal Academy – The RA have been working hard through the last 12 months to keep people’s spirits up with humourous takes using their collection of art as well as encouraging others to be artistic.

Grand Snider – I’ve recommended Grant’s account before. Follow for some really beautiful illustration about imagination, creativity, books, life and more.

Artists of Colour – Follow for a regular stream of diverse art styles from diverse artists.

NASA HQ Photo – Enjoy the absolutely stunning photography taken by NASA.

LIFE – Incredible stories and stunning photography from Life magazine’s archives

Abandoned Spaces – Amazing photography of abandoned buildings and landscapes.

That’s Earth – Start planning where to travel to once the pandemic is over with an account that shares beautiful photography from all over the world.

If none of these work, Iceland (The country not the supermarket) have you covered with some joy to scroll through. It’s the first time I’ve seen joyscrolling being used for marketing, though I’m sure other brands will follow.

If you have any other recommendations, do stick them in the comments below for others to follow.

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