Who am I?

So, where to start exactly?

I was born in the 80’s which makes me a millennial, but I prefer the 90’s. I’m a middle child (something my family likes to remind me about) and an introvert (though that doesn’t mean I’m not sociable).  I’m obsessed with TV and know the plot of most shows (even the ones I’m not watching). My drink of choice is a gin & tonic and I’ll never say no to a bacon sandwich.

Creativity and art is in my blood. I have a degree in photography, thousands of words of fiction writing under my belt and I’ve been known to do a bit of graphic design in my spare time too. I’ve got a head full of social media knowledge too thanks to a career in the subject.

I’ll be using this site to share some of the things that are in my head. From talking about my favourite TV shows and why they should be yours too to social media news commentary, gins I’ve tried and places I’ve been. It’ll be an eclectic mix but there should be something for everyone.


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