5 Changes Twitter Needs

Whenever people start talking about what changes Twitter needs, there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to come up: an edit button. People are desperate for something to fix those annoying typos. And while it’s something that I’d like to see down the line there are a few other features or improvements that I think are desperately needed on the platform. Take a look at five of the areas I’d like to see some improvements:

If you’ve ever explored the analytics made available to users on Twitter, you’ll see that there’s a certain amount of information they provide you. The closer you look, however, the more you see just how limited the analytics are. Your follower count is restricted to the last 30 days with no ability to look back at previous time periods and then there’s information that other social networks provide that Twitter doesn’t such as which post types are most popular and what time of day followers online.

To improve their analytics, Twitter needs to give us more control of our own data and allow for more advanced deep dives of it. Currently, people looking to use Twitter in a more strategic way are being forced to use third party tools such as Hootsuite to gain anything meaningful out of the information.


Some simple changes are all that’s needed here. I’d like to be able to search through my notifications quickly and easily as well have the ability to see quoted tweets in my mentions. Separating¬†out who retweeted something and who liked something would also be helpful.


Whilst the search tools on Twitter are fairly advanced, you have to really know the tools well to make the most of it, something most standard users of the site just don’t. Did you know you could save searches? The functionality is hidden away! Instead, I’d like to see some of the advanced tools brought into the main search results page to help clean up the results. How about allowing searches of tweets from users with a certain amount of followers or tweets with a certain amount of engagement? Sometimes I’d just like to see tweets from verified users or tweets from people I follow (I know this feature already exists but it really doesn’t work properly).

I may be in the minority of people who like Twitter moments, but there’s a couple of things that would really help boost their use on Twitter:

The first being the moments landing page itself which only displays a selection of the specially curated moments from Twitter HQ. The lack of space for moments created by the people you follow isn’t exactly going to encourage people to use them more often. Moments could easily be made more mainstream by displaying the most recent ones from users on the landing page. You could also allow liked moments to be saved in people’s moments tab for all to view.

The second thing that would increase their usage would be adding more controls and features when creating them in the first place. Twitter has an opportunity to build something which allows for real creativity. Currently, all you can do is choose which tweets appear which order they appear and which cover picture to use. What if you could add text blocks in-between the tweets to really tell a story. By adding GIFs, pictures and more, moments could be to Twitter what stories are to Instagram.

Conversation escape

We’ve all suffered through this at one time or another. You’ve been pulled into a conversation on Twitter and whilst you may have been interested in the start, that interest has waned and you’re looking for an out. Currently, the only way to escape the multiple mention notifications as the conversation continues is to ask to be taken out. This can be awkward, especially if you’re as British as me about it. A simple option to remove yourself from a conversation would be a lifesaver!

Do you agree with my suggestions? What updates do you think Twitter needs? Let me know in the comments!

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