5 more podcasts you should be listening to

It’s been exactly a year since I shared 5 podcasts I was enjoying which I thought you might enjoy to so I thought it was about time to share 5 more. I’ve picked a diverse selection, from interviews to politics, film and true crime so there should be something for everyone on my list:


There are a lot of interview style podcasts out there, but this one hosted by author Giles Paley-Phillips and comedian Jim Daly is one of my favourites. The duo are able to build a good rapport with their guests and ask insightful questions that dig deep into the interviewee’s life and psyche. The interview always covers a range of topics, including the guest’s childhood, career, family life and successes with a particular focus on what frustrating or ‘blank’ moments they’ve experienced in life and how they overcame it. Guests have included James O’Brien, Dawn French, David Harbour, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Jamie Murray, Mark Gatiss, Caroline Lucas and many more.

A conversation with..

Interested in YouTube culture? This is the podcast for you. Each episode, YouTuber Philip DeFranco interviews a fellow creator/creator duo about their work on YouTube, how they’ve found success and so much more. Many of the people he speaks to have millions of subscribers and lots of influence on the video platform and it’s interesting hearing about things from their perspective. If you want to learn more about YouTube and it’s creators, this is a really good place to start to build a better understanding of what makes these people tick. DeFranco also films his interviews which go up on YouTube first, they’re well worth a watch as well as a listen.

What Trump can teach us about Con Law

Struggling to understand what’s happening in American politics at the moment? This podcast has been a lifesaver for me. Roman Mars from the podcast 99% Invisible (Another great listen) and constitutional law Professor Elizabeth Joh look at Trump’s tweets and statements and use it to teach us all about con law. Everything is explained in a way you’ll understand without feeling like you’re being talked down to. It’s a fascinating view into American politics and Trump’s role in making or breaking it.

The Rewatchables

For film fans, The Rewatchables is a must listen. Each episode, the hosts take turns in picking a film they can’t stop watching and them discuss it. Films they have covered span every genre and include Dead Poet’s Society, The Shining, Mean Girls, When Harry met Sally and Reservoir Dogs. Their love of the films they discuss is infectious and whilst they do pick up on some of the plot holes and dated dialogue, most of the episode is used to choose their favourite scenes, characters, lines and who or what ‘won’ the film. There are plenty of episodes to listen to and even include contributions from Quentin Tarantino.


If you like true crime, you’ll LOVE Criminal. Whilst many true crime podcasts focus on the most notorious and deadliest of crimes, many of Criminal’s episodes focus on smaller crimes with fascinating stories behind them. From prison escapes and arson and con artists to a man living in a woman’s attic space, each story is incredibly captivating thanks to podcast host, Phoebe Judge’s storytelling style. She interviews the victims, the investigators and sometimes the perpetrator, but no matter who she’s speaking to and the story that’s being told, you’ll be completely hooked.

What do you think of my selection? Let me know in the comments. If you’ve got favourite podcasts you think I should be listening to, suggest them below:

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