50 of the best web, social and design tools and resources

The best web, social and design tools can not only save you time and money but will help you stand out from the crowd. For a small digital team with an even smaller budget, a good resource is invaluable.

I’ve spent a lot of my career collecting links to the best tools and I thought it was about time I shared my favourites. Here are my best 50 tools and resources to boost your digital marketing skills. Hopefully, you’ll find a resource or two on this list that are new to you. Oh, did I mention they’re all free?

Stock images

All these links are public domain images (meaning you don’t need to provide credit or pay for them in any way).

  1. Gratisography
  2. Pexels
  3. Splitshire
  4. Life of Pix
  5. New Old StockVintage photography from public archives.
  6. Negative Space
  7. Realistic Shots
  8. Flickr CommonsA huge archive of public images from museums, libraries and more.
  9. NappyDiverse stock photography.
Screenshot of Nappy stock image website.
Nappy stock image website

Social media 

  1. NamechkCheck username availability across a load of websites at once.
  2. Google Data GIF Maker РBuild nice-looking data GIFs.
  3. Giphy GIFmaker РMake your own GIFs.
  4. Gifs.com РAnother quick and easy GIF maker.
  5. Google Creator StudioTurn Google Slides into GIFs and video.
  6. Postcron Image Splitter РQuickly split images for grid and gallery posts on Instagram.
  7. Google TrendsDiscover what’s trending across the world.
  8. Ritetag Know which hashtags to use in posts.
  9. FlipanimA super easy tool to draw your own flipbook animations.
  10. Google MyMapsCreate custom Google maps with tags, shapes and pins.
  11. TwishHelp with advanced Twitter searches.
  12. KapwingDesign great looking graphics, GIFs and videos for social.
  13. Headline AnalyserCheck to see how effective your headlines are.


  1. Stamen maps Download or embed unique looking maps.
  2. Canva РA popular and easy to use tool that I use regularly.
  3. Wordmark  РChoose the right font for your designs.
  4. Pablo – Design text graphics in minutes.
  5. Duotone РA fun design tool for creating cool two-tone images. 
  6. FlatIcon – Thousands of slick-looking icons free to download. Their patterns generator is a great tool within Flaticon too.
  7. Snapsneed – An app for easy photo editing but with plenty of functionality. Available on iOs too.
  8. Fontsruct – Design, share and download your own fonts.
  9. ColorZilla Chrome extension – A colour pick from websites which also saves a history of recent colours for easy access.
  10. Pixlr – photo and image editing with a lot of the same functionality as Photoshop.
Use Duotone for a unique style in minutes

Web and Video

  1. NimbusScreen capture chrome extension – I use this all the time.
  2. Carrd Create a one-page website quickly.
  3. HotjarTrack how users explore your site using heat mapping.
  4. Accessible ColoursCheck to see if web text and background colour combinations are accessible. Good for checking print and social media design too.
  5. Vimeo video school¬†– Learn how to create engaging videos with Vimeo’s video school.
  6. LoomFor screen recording.
  7. PexelsFree stock photography and video.
  8. MockSuper easy video phone and tablet mockups.
  9. KinemasterEdit video on your phone, loads of functionality for free.
  10. Stopmotion StudioAn app for creating stop-motion videos. Available on iOs too.
Screenshot of website Mock where you can mock up video content on phones
Mock for super east video mockups on phones and tablets

Everything else

  1. Typeform Nice looking forms and surveys.
  2. AirtableLike excel but with loads more functionality, great for project planning and social media calendars.
  3. Google TrendsExplore Google’s search trends.
  4. Anchor.fm  РThe best tool for easy-peasy podcasting.
  5. IFTTT¬†Create ‘recipes’ or automation in your social media accounts including posting Instagram photos to Twitter.
  6. Grammarly A second line of defence against typos in tweets.
  7. Notion – My new favourite collab tool. It’s great for everything: collaboration, databases, project management and more.
  8. Hemmingway appAssesses your writing and helps to make sure it is clear and easy to read.

Liked my list of the 50 best web, social and design tools? Got any good links that I’m missing? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Sam says:

    Great list Tallie, thank you! My additions would be:
    https://squoosh.app/ – image compression
    https://www.remove.bg/ – remove background from image (of people only!)
    https://letsenhance.io/ – AI-powered image resolution adjustment

    1. Tallie Proud says:

      Thanks Sam, I’ll check those out!

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