5 different ways to use Twitter moments

I love Twitter moments. The ability to create your own curated story of tweets to share, or read other curated stories is a great feature on Twitter that I personally think doesn’t get enough attention. If you’ve not used Twitter Moments before, check out Twitter’s own guide on how to create them

Once you know how to put them together, there are so many different ways to use a Twitter Moment. I’ve picked my top 5 to get you started:

Organise your favourite tweets

Liking/bookmarking tweets is great, but not if you like tweets from a number of different subjects. Trying to find a specific tweet you liked if you like a lot of tweets can be hard. Why not create a Moment for the different subjects you’re interested in and put the tweets you like in each one? By keeping the Moments unpublished, you’re using them as a simple filing system for quick reference. If you want to share the Moments, you can publish them for other people to enjoy. You could even pin your favourite topic Moment to the top of your feed for people to find.

For conferences/events

Using a Twitter Moment after an event as a way of summarising it and showing how the attendees enjoyed themselves is a common way to use Twitter moments. But you can also use Moments during an event, especially at something like a longer conference. By putting all the important tweets in one place, such as information about facilities, speaker news, security etc it creates a one-stop-shop for attendees which might be easier to read than a Twitter or a hashtag feed (especially if you’re also using your feed to Tweet non-conference content too).

Alternatively, pull in the best tweets from the event as they are tweeted to the conference hashtag so people don’t have to sift through a busy hashtag feed to find the best content. Either way, don’t forget to pin it to the top of your feed so it’s easy to find!

What’s been happening this week?

Does your organisation/charity have a lot of interesting things happening each week? Why not create a Moment each week to share what you’ve been getting up to. You can add in tweets from staff members, customers and more. When I was at The Church of England, we used to do this to share what the churches were getting up to throughout the week. It’s a great way to share the more surprising things you are involved in, show appreciation to people in your business who don’t get enough recognition as well as share the day to day jobs people might forget you do. Creating it weekly does add more work but it can be really worthwhile. 

Highlight the latest news

Want to keep people in the loop about the latest news affecting your sector/organisation? Why not pin a Moment to the top of your feed and add to it when there’s something of interest to your followers. You can remove older items as and when too. The benefit of this is that people discovering you for the first time can get all the information they need all in one place and won’t need to devour your entire feed. Don’t forget to remind people about the Moment on a regular basis, not everyone will visit your feed and see the pinned tweet. You might also want to tweet/retweet the news separately too. 

Combine a twitter thread for easy reading 

Written an interesting Twitter thread that people are enjoying? Why not turn it into a Twitter Moment. Sometimes Twitter threads can be confusing to read if people are responding to your tweets. Not only does a Moment make it easier to read, but it means that it can be saved and read even when the thread drops down and is lost in your feed over time. You could also add people’s own responses to the Moment. If the thread relates to something topical, it’ll make it easier to find it every time the story is in the news again for you to share and remind people about. 

Got any other examples of Moments that you’ve seen or have any questions? Let me know in the comments below.

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