5 simple content ideas for when you don’t know what to post

Social media is a beast that needs constant feeding to keep it happy. It’s food of choice? Content. It doesn’t mind what format it arrives in, though it’s favourite snack is definitely videos. 

Because of this constant hunger for content, it can mean we are forever having to come up with new blogs, videos, infographics, pictures and more. It can be exhausting and sometimes hard to generate ideas on such a regular basis. To help you out, I’ve picked five really simple content ideas that won’t take much time to create and are pretty cheap too. 

Look back to what you posted last week/month/year

There’s nothing wrong with reusing content. There will be a lot of people who didn’t see it the first time around and if it’s good, people won’t mind seeing it again. Why not share content from the last week with an ICYMI note (In Case You Missed it). There’s also TBT (Throwback Thursday) which allows you to share a photo you like on a Thursday from the last month/year or even further. Did you share some great content this time last year? Post it again and reminisce. It can be a lot of work creating new content especially when there’s already great content available. 

Dig into your archives

Does your charity or business have a bit of a history? Why not did into your archives and find some much older photos. You could write a blog about how far you’ve come or show some interesting facts about your past that people might not know about. Even if you’ve only been around for a few years, people might be interested in how you were created and where you started out. 

Contribute to a trending topic

You may have heard me say this a few times before, but the trending topics are a goldmine for any business or charity. By contributing to topics that are trending, you are more likely to be seen by new audiences. Just remember to make sure there is an obvious connection between the topic and what you’re saying. Tenuous connections are always a bit awkward and your audience won’t be as interested in them. 

What’s popular on your website

You will already have interesting content on your website, are you making use of it? Look into your Google Analytics to see which pages are the most popular and use those pages to inspire your social media content. (Whilst you’re at it, make sure those popular pages are easy to find on your site!) It might be as simple as sharing a nice image from the page and a link to it, or as complicated as creating some kind of infographic or video version of the content, it’s completely up to you. 

Give people a peek behind the curtain

There’s nothing people like more than seeing what goes on behind the scenes. Why not introduce your social media audience to different members of staff or share a quick video about how a product of yours is created. Show people the bits they don’t normally get to see and the people that make things happen. This could be anything, from staff on their travels, setting up for an event, what’s happening in the kitchen to how donated money is spent. The possibilities are endless. Just remember to make sure your staff are happy for their image to be shared online and that nothing confidential is shared (check those whiteboards in the background when you take a photo!)

Got any other simple content ideas you’d like to share or have any questions? Let me know in the comments below.

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